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Thank you for visiting the Rackheath Primary School's online web shop,  where you can buy your child's school uniform.

Please note you do not need a PAYPAL Account when paying by card as you can use the GUEST section within PAYPAL.  If you have any difficulties we are more than happy to help. 


9th August

any orders taken after this date will not be guaranteed to be ready for the start of school in September


We hope you are all well and looking forward to children starting back at school in September. It has been a strange and difficult time for us all but it is now time to prepare for the new school year.

For the school uniform industry it has been a difficult time where we have had weeks of producing very little uniform and we ask for your help and support to ensure all children have uniform ready to start school in September.

Supply chains have been affected for that reason we ask that orders are placed sooner rather than later. Usually we have the opportunity to come into school and meet with children, their family and carers before the end of term and allow uniform to be tried on for size. This is not possible this year but we are doing all we can to help you choose the right size clothing.

We ask that you don’t order two different sizes because you are unsure of sizes with the intention of seeking a refund on unwanted items. This could lead to other children not being able to get their uniform. We are offering as much support as possible to help you choose the right size, please feel free to contact us for advice and guidance on sizing.

Over the coming days we are updating our website with sizing information to help you choose the right size clothing.

Important information

  • Any orders that have been placed for school delivery will now be delivered in September a day or two before the children start back. Date to be confirmed.
  • Cut off day 9th August (any orders taken after this day are not guaranteed to be ready for September.
  • Please check our website or contact us for guidance on sizes
  • Please don’t double up on your orders buying extra uniform to try on.
  • Follow us on social media for additional guidance and demonstration videos.
  • If you are happy to travel to our studio, appointments are available to try uniform on

Please remember we are here to help, you can phone, email, and contact us on social media. We look forward to hearing from you.

School Shop Information

Once a month we come into the school and run a school shop for parents to come to.  This is to make the process of ordering school uniform easier.  You are able to see the products and try them on your child and ask any questions that you may have.  We carry a selection of clothing to buy on the day with cash.   You can also get help if needed to order online via our website.  Please note all orders take 2-3 weeks to process from the date that we receive them.  We will deliver orders to the school at each school shop and approximately 2 weeks after the school shop this is free of charge.  You can also have the option, if you wish, to have the uniform delivered to you for a small fee.

If you have any questions, please contact us as we are more than happy to talk to you.

School Shop Dates

These are to be arranged and notification will be posted on social media and on here.