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Local News & Events

Please find below a list of local events in the Harleston, Norfolk area that we have been asked to put on to our website by local businesses and organisations.  If you wish to have an event put onto this page please let us know.

Festival of Bells at Starston St Margaret's Church

Celebrating 50 years tower bell ringing, Sunday 16th June 1p.m, Festival of Bells at Starston St Margaret's Church, Ringers service 3p.m, the Glebe land and Jubilee Hall. Tower bells, hand bells, mini ring, exhibition of everything bells, strawberry teas. Try your hand at ringing tower bells with an experienced ringer. Free entry to all locations.

Details 01379 853967


Why a Drive-Thru?

UPDATE 25 March 2020: After clarification by the government on which businesses may operate during the tightened restrictions, breweries with off-sales licences are permitted to sell beer to take home.  The Grain Drive-Thru will therefore be open for business unless further restrictions are applied.

Due to the CORVID19 outbreak and the closures of pubs, we have a brewery full of beer but no pubs to sell it to, so we are turning the brewery into a Beer Collection Drive-Thru. Cleanliness and sterilisation is second nature to us, and you will find the Grain Drive-Thru to be a far lower risk and more sterile environment than any supermarket or shop  you will visit.

You drive in at one end, place your order and pay using contactless payment or cash, then drive to the next door to pick up your beer.

Opening times:

Thursday: 4pm to 7pm
Friday: 4pm to 7pm
Saturday: 12pm to 4pm

Beers and Prices

We won’t have all our beers available all the time, and some containers may not be in stock, but these are the prices:

Beers under 4.5% – £2.50 a pint or less
Beers over 4.5% – £3.50 a pint or less

Beer is available in:

2 and 4 pint carry-outs: £5 and £10 (or £7 and £14 for 4.5%+)
5 Litre Mini-Kegs (for Pilsener, Tunbecker, and Pale): £20 each
18 pint Beer Boxes: £40 (or  £60 for 4.5%+)


If you want to pre-order or find out what we have in stock, please send us an email

How we will keep you and us safe

We have more virus-killing chemicals in the brewery than you can shake a stick at – keeping bugs away from beer is what we do. All containers, whether new or re-used will go through our standard cleaning process of Wash : Chemical clean : Rinse : Sterilise :Rinse.

We also have sanitiser sprays to sterilise any containers in between changing hands.

We will use contactless payments only and maintain a distance of 2 metres from you.

We will also keep our distance – no hand-shakes, fist bumps, and sadly no hugging.

We are taking this seriously, and so must you. Please follow our instructions, remain in your vehicles and help keep us all safe.

What to do when you get here

The brewery works well as a drive-thru.

Follow the signs to DRIVE THRU ENTRANCE’
Park next to the ORDER HERE gazebo
Request your order from the menu
Pay using contactless (we may divide the payment up if necessary)
Drive to the brewhouse front when we signal that your beer is ready
Head on home with your beer
Shed a tear for the pubs but look forward to happier days

We are taking this seriously, and so must you. Please follow our instructions, remain in your vehicles and help keep us all safe.

Grain Brewery
South Farm, Alburgh, Harleston, Norfolk IP20 0BS
T: 01986 788884